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Josie's workshops are the perfect complement to your baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party (kids, too!), team building event at work, women's club gathering (or men's), and more! It's so much fun when you get to create something and take it home with you!

The event will be completely tailored to fit your needs and the needs of your guests.

Interested in hosting a Breathe by Josie workshop in your very own home, business, or space?

We offer TWO different styles of event for you to host - a "Meditate + Create" workshop, which is a full spiritual experience, with a guided meditation and candle ritual, or a simple pop-up craft buffet, where guests will simply be guided to make their piece, no meditation or spiritual references involved.

There are so many different things we can make together! We offer bracelets, anklets, meditation mala necklaces, intention balls or jars, and essential oil roller blends.

Josie will even come to your space for a "Meditation + Reiki" event, where each guest receives an individual Reiki session and a crystal goodie bag!

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  • It's free!

    Hosting a workshop won't cost you anything. All you'll need to do is provide the space for Josie to work her magic.

  • The details are up to you!

    The choice is yours, from jewelry-making to intention jars! Choose your own theme and Josie will deliver an event that's catered to your wishes.

  • It's fun for everyone!

    Josie's workshops are fun and inclusive for all; everyone on the gender spectrum, no matter the age, are welcome at Josie's events!


What can I expect from one of Josie's workshops?

Josie's workshops and events can range from a simple pop-up make-your-own bracelet bar to a full spiritual experience, complete with meditations, candles, crystals, and moon rituals.

Josie will work with you to ensure your workshop is exactly what you envision.

Previous events have included themes such as New Moon, Full Moon, Self-Love, Mother-Daughter, Mercury Retrograde, Grounded in Gratitude, and more.

Josie will customize the crystals and materials she chooses for the event to reflect your chosen theme.

Where can I host a workshop?

You can host one of Josie's workshops anywhere. From retail locations to your very own home, Josie can work in any suitable space.

Previous locations have included candle shops, yoga studios, crystal warehouses, restaurants, cafes, and private homes.

Josie's workshops are an excellent way to drive traffic into your space, so if you run a business and would like a free and easy way to boost exposure, reach out to Josie for a custom workshop or event.

Are Josie's events really free to host?

Yes! This is the beauty of hosting a Breathe by Josie workshop. It won't cost you a thing, and will bring more foot traffic into your business or retail space!

Simply set a date and time and tell Josie what type of event you want, and she'll do the rest. Josie will even market the event on social media and sell the tickets for you on her website, if needed!

All you'll need to do is provide an adequate space for the workshop, including tables and and chairs. Josie will bring all necessary supplies and materials.

If you would like refreshments to be served at the event, you will need to provide these yourself.

Will everyone need to purchase a ticket?

Josie's workshops are ticketed events, meaning each attendee will need to purchase a ticket in advance. For pop-up bracelet bars and similar events, however, tickets usually will not need to be purchased in advance. Josie will discuss this with you when planning your event.

The price of the tickets will be determined by the requirements of the event.

Once you've outlined what kind of event you're looking for, Josie will give you pricing details. If you need to limit the tickets to a specific price, please let Josie know and she will do what she can to accommodate this, if possible.

Does Josie do parties?

Sure! Josie would be happy to run a workshop during your party and will gladly cater the theme to your choosing.

However, it should be noted that there will be a cost per attendee. Josie's workshops are ticketed events, and in the case of a party, you will have to cover the cost per person.

You can discuss pricing with her directly once you've outlined what kind of workshop you're looking to host.

Does Josie do children's events?

Yes, though this will depend on the age group of the children and whether or not adults will be present. While children are welcome in Josie's workshops, they must be supervised by an adult.

Because the materials used in Josie's workshops have small parts (beads and thin string, for example) and may easily be swallowed by young children, her workshops may not be appropriate for certain age groups.

If the event includes parents or is a party for older children, this is absolutely feasible, but Josie cannot be held responsible for supervising children during her workshops.

Please see the above question, "Does Josie do parties?" for information on how these events will be priced and ticketed.

Will the workshop include refreshments?

No. If you're hoping to serve refreshments during the event, these will have to be provided by yourself.

Josie will provide the materials and instruction for the workshop only.

Who will sell the tickets for the event?

This is entirely up to you!

Josie will happily sell the tickets for the event on her website, but if you have a platform and would prefer to sell them yourself, this is also acceptable.

Unless it is a private or closed event, Josie will still list the event on her website and will promote it on her social media pages regardless.

How many people can attend one of Josie's events?

Generally speaking, Josie prefers to host intimate workshops of no more than 25 attendees. This ensures she can spend time with each person individually.

However, if you would like to host an event with a greater number of attendees, please let her know ahead of time and she will let you know if this is possible.

If your space can only accommodate a limited number of attendees, please let Josie know and she will limit ticket sales as needed.

Please note that Josie prefers to have between 8 and 25 guests for an ideal workshop experience.

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